Was very unhappy with the way the service manager Jamie Gray from Jerrys Toyota on Belair Rd., Baltimore, Md. handled the service repair that was only suppose to take a day or two and ended up taking over a week.

At this time I still do not have my car. Did not return any of my calls until I went to a higher authority and even than he was rude and threatened to say toyota would not provide half the amount of the cost toward the repair if I was that unsatisfied. At this time I do not even have my car back to know if I am satisfied with the work or not. It was the way Jamie handled the whole situation.

There was a message left on my cell one time to let me know my car was not ready. It was than I tried several times to contact Jamie to see what the problem was and let me know something. He never returned any of my calls. I than called the morning they told me the car would be done.

Again left a message on Jamie's voice mail and no returned call. I than called and asked to talk to someone who could give me an update, I was put on hold for 20 min. and finally hung up and called back and talked to Jamie's assistant who assured me she would have Jamie call me. Still no call and that is when I called the general manager Dave Baginski who immediately went to Jamie and it was then he called me.

There was no sincere apology, just trying to explain the situation with the rims and got a little rude. As I stated, I just wanted to know why he could not return any of my calls.

I felt like at this point something might have happened to my car and he was stalling for time. I just think it would have taken a simple return of my calls to keep me informed instead I felt like he was trying to avoid the talking to me and made me very uneasy about my car.

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